chat in RoR

May be just use :wink:

Well, you can always use some easy to use comet solution like and write your own code.

But be warned that, this juggernaut thing, won't work from machines
behind firewall and NAT.

The reason is, Juggernaut uses XMLSocket from flash, which talks to
the push server through a separate port. Now flash imposes lots of
security restrictions on programs opening sockets.

Couple of Juggernaut folks suggest, run this push server on port 443,
which is very strange solution in my opinion, because normally you
would like to bind your web server on that, if your application wants
to use https.

Until, they come with a better solution , Juggernaut can't be used in
anything serious. Traditional comet, through Javascript has been tried
before by folks, but rails not being thread safe, it is hard to
process one controller asynchronously on a mount point(which would be
URL of your chat app.)

So you are stuck with Ajax polling. :frowning:

So you are stuck with Ajax polling. :frowning:

This is what campfire does. It's nice when my wireless connection
flakes out and returns. Campfire doesn't miss a beat. IRC and Adium
both drop and reconnect.

Also, yes Rails is not threadsafe and may not be a good candidate for
frequent polling or javascript. But you can easily write a custom
mongrel handler to do that stuff.

Thats correct, I saw mongrel handler code, posted on mongrel mailing
list, long back. But apparently the idea didn't pan out. May be its
time, I should take it for a ride. :slight_smile:

Can't help feeling a bit impressed with this: