Can not generate WSDL

This confused me at first because you are using a test_controller.rb, but this is not actually a unit or functional test. But, setting that aside.

You created a new controller method named test2. If you don't specify a specific view for this controller method, Rails will assume that the view is located in test2.rhtml.

Do you have a test2.rhtml file under your views --> test folder? If not then this is why you are getting the "no template" error.

On another note. Think about whether your really must use SOAP web services. If you are building this service for your own use then you may be much happier using a REST web service instead. I have pretty extensive experience with both, and I now choose REST over SOAP unless the project specs mandate a SOAP web service. And that only when I'm providing the service to a client requiring SOAP.

It also happens with rails-2.1.0 + soap4r-1.5.8 + datanoise-actionwebservice-2.1.0

Fred Penz wrote:

In case anyone else comes across this again, I had a similar problem when trying to create a wsdl and my browser telling me a template was missing.

If you add the following to config/environments.rb

module SOAP

SOAPNamespaceTag = 'env' XSDNamespaceTag = 'xsd' XSINamespaceTag = 'xsi'


Reboot server and see if it works. Did for me :wink:

I'm running on: Ruby version 1.8.6 (i386-mswin32) RubyGems version 1.3.5 Rack version 1.0 Rails version 2.3.2 Active Record version 2.3.2 Action Pack version 2.3.2 Active Resource version 2.3.2 Action Mailer version 2.3.2 Active Support version 2.3.2

datanoise-actionwebservice (2.3.2)