wsdl not generated when using "expects"

I have a class that extends ActionWebService and is able to generate a wsdl (http://localhost/mycontroller/service.wsdl) when api_method doesn't have any parameters. As soon as I add/define a parameter I get:

Template is missing Missing template ./script/../config/../app/views/mycontroller/ wsdl.rhtml

Here is the controller followed by the api class:

class MyyController < ApplicationController

web_service_scaffold :invoke   wsdl_service_name 'myservice'

def foobar(someparam) return "test" end end

class MyserviceApi < ActionWebService::API::Base   api_method :foobar , :expects => [{:someparam=>:string}], :returns => [:string] end

I am running rails 1.2.3, any idea what might be causing this?