browser did not show the output


I was able to create the a boilerplate code using the generate script.
However, the expected (for this) about page did not show up in the
browser. Do some encountered this already?

# script/generate controller about index
      exists app/controllers/
      exists app/helpers/
      create app/views/about
      exists test/functional/
      create test/unit/helpers/
      create app/controllers/about_controller.rb
      create test/functional/about_controller_test.rb
      create app/helpers/about_helper.rb
      create test/unit/helpers/about_helper_test.rb
      create app/views/about/index.html.erb

Firefox says that "We're sorry went wrong" etc...

I am still googling and I am very sure someone have encountered the
same issue.


What URL are you using in your Firefox?

dwhitekiss wrote:

Look in the rails log file (log/development.log, assuming in
development mode) for details of the problem. I presume you have
setup the database (you need one even if not yet using it, define it
in database.yml)