Big Error, need help fast :(

I was trying to clean up my rails application, and now I'm getting this error in my development log. No page in my site will come up when I start up the web server. Anyone know how to fix this??

==== Development Log

Well, it says it can’t load your application.rb file… app/controllers/application.rb … is that file there?

I don't have that file, but I don't know why its looking for that file at all... Is there a way to get that reference out of there?

No… you NEED that file… that’s really important

Put it back

I ran "ruby script/destroy controller application" and it removed some files, but I'm getting that same error... grrr

oh thanks... I had created a view called "Application" at some point, and I was wondering if I had accidentally created some controller called that. I didn't realize that was created when the rails application was originally made. Thank you so much it works now...

@Alex: Beat me to it while I was typing :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys...