weird problem after deploy: application.html.erb does not lo

Adam Wilson wrote:


Excuse the bump... I am just a bit baffled by this one!

You couldn't even wait 24 hours before bumping? That just makes us less
likely to want to bother to help you. Patience, grasshopper... :slight_smile:



Just worked it out:

In my layouts folder I had an old file called application.html.erb.old -
for some reason rails was using that instead of application.html.erb in
the same folder.
So I removed the old one. And then it threw an error saying it cannot
find application.erb...

So I renamed application.html.erb to application.erb, and voila problem

Strange huh?

I thought it was using some default layout hidden somewhere.. but no it
was right there in the layouts folder!

(Rails is v2.3.3)