layouts/application.html.erb never getting loaded

I have a small website with only static pages. I have s controller for all the static pages.
Application.html never gets loaded. I have replicated the prelude boilerplate in each static page. It works, but it kinda ugly.

Is there a way to create a .html.erb page to hold all the boilerplate stuff (e.g. !HTML, , etc) and have it automatically loaded

before any of the static pages?



?? It's created by default: /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb

Kind of the whole point of "layouts" is to wrap content with all that
"boilerplate" automatically. It sounds like your app is basically broken.

I would generate a new app, add your controller and one of your
static pages and play around with that to see how it works, and how
your own app differs.

Re-reading <>
might help, too.