Beginner seeking some guidance (OS X Leopard)

First, please tell me if I'm an idiot for even attempting to learn
Ruby on Rails. I'm a graphic designer turned user interface designer
with a geeky side who wishes he could program. I know 2 ounces of
javascript (maybe less) but I've got my head around HTML and CSS
pretty well (I know, I know--nothing special). So again, tell me to
go back to the kiddie pool if I'm totally out of place here.

(I'm still proud that I even figured out how to get started! Never
touched the terminal until today.)

Anyway, I'm trying to follow these instructions:

to just get /something/ created--something I made that I can
manipulate and feel cool about, and then I'll go nuts learning the

Thing is, that guide was written when RoR used MySQL as it's default
database but now it uses SQLite3 ... so the instructions don't work
for a complete newby like myself.

I was able to get the accounts table created but when I get to the
part where it tells me to do:

  $ rake migrate

I get this:

  rake aborted!
  Don't know how to build task 'migrate'

Which I believe means my database ain't doing what she ought to.

Thanks for any help!

Hey, we all started somewhere.

rake db:migrate

The tutorial is obviously out of date.

Another quick tip. If you ever forget the exact rake task you're
looking for do this:

rake -T

This will list all the available tasks that rake knows about.

You can also filter that list with something like:

rake -T db

This will list all rake tasks in the db namespace.