Basic program but getting confused.

I'm trying to create a pretty basic program, I think. But I'm getting
confused with all the tutorials that go to far in detail for what I'm
looking for.

I've been working with Ruby for only a couple days so my knowledge is

This is what I'd like to do.

- Have users be able to submit information based on their vehicle and
upload multiple pictures.

- Make that information (stored in a database I assume) searchable. And
to be super picky about the searches I'd like to have it where you start
typing in the item and it's looking in the database for all the matches
and offers suggestions (I think this is part of ajax - from what I
understand.). Then you can just chose that from the list.

- An easy way for an administrator to add columns and items in the
future without compromising data already in the database.

Any help, pointers, tutorials you know of that can help would be


hi Jeff,

best is to watch some screencasts (like blog app) and try it for yourself.

Then add more data and forms.. and try to extend this basic skeleton app to fit your needs.


Jeff Cornick wrote:

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm downloading some now, thanks for the pointer on that.

Am I wrong on the ajax thing? Is that what creates that 'suggestion'
list that it pulls from the database?

I guess part of my issues is the terminology that I'm not sure what to
search for. :frowning:

Tom Z Meinlschmidt wrote:

Hi John,
Not a car sales site. I own a forum for a certain type of vehicle and
we get a lot of duplicate questions on "what would my vehicle look like
if I had this...and this..and this on it?"

So the site I want to create to add to the forum would just be searches
for people that can pick certain features and it gives them all the
images that meet those specs.

John Fletcher wrote: