attachment_fu working locally but not on server

Hi, I'm trouble shooting a strange issue and was wondering if anyone
could point me in the right direction.

I installed attachment_fu as a plugin using instant rails 2.0.2
locally. Everything is working fine but when I moved this code to
dream host it no longer works. If I look in my log on my local machine
I see a call to a new action, I upload the photo or file ---> submit
and I see the create action and a form post gets submitted and the
photo is there. However, over on dream host, I see the new action get
called but after I submit the file for upload it calls the index
action and never loads the data to the table and stores the photo to
the file system.

Any help would be appreciated. I've verified the gem Rmagick is local
to my app and I recently added :processor =>'Rmagick' to my model. But
that didn't solve the issue either.

For the benefit to others. The issue appears to be related to dream
hosts apache config and the fact that attachment_fu writes the same
model name say 'photos' for instance to the public directory. This was
causing a redirect to index. The fix apparently is to modify
the .htaccess file by adding this

DirectorySlash Off

or I haven't tried this yet but I saw that someone posted some code to
add to the application.rb controller

def default_url_options(options)
{ :trailing_slash => true }

also, here are some links I found on the topic