attachment_fu problem

Rails noob here, I am having trouble getting a simple attachment_fu file upload form to work. I am using Mike Clark's tutorial on attachment_fu - . My code is the same as the tutorial but with a few minor naming conditions that are different and the form. I have RMagick installed and it's dependencies as well as the attachment_fu plugin. It's not saving in the controller and I am getting the message "there was a problem". I am not getting any Rails or Ruby errors. Can anyone is my code:

new.rhtml :

When an active record model doesn't save it means: either a before_save callback returned false, or there were validation errors. You're not showing any validation errors in the new.rhtml view:

<%= error_messages_for :whatever %>

Thomas Beck wrote up some issues with using this plugin on windows:,guid,8fc9bb84-3f9e-4d11-aa48-fa042b4806fd.aspx If anyone can suggest fixes, send them in as patches please. I don't have a windows machine handy at the moment.