Problems with attachment_fu in Production

This one has me stumped so any ideas or suggestions are greatly

Like many of you, I am using the attachment_fu plugin to handle
uploading files to the server via my application. I have it configured
to save the files to the filesystem. In my Dev sandbox and on my
staging server this works as expected. If the directories where the
files are to be stored don't exist, attachment_fu creates them without
issue. If they do exist the files are saved inside just as they

However, when deployed to Production the behavior is different. If the
directories don't exist they are created as expected and all is good.
However, if the dirs already exist I receive the following error

I should also mention that I have verified that all gems exist and are
at the same version on both the staging and production servers.

Thanks again for any guidance with this one.

bdeverea wrote:

Ok, this was a stupid issue. I didn't have my deploy script setup to
create the real directories. I was creating sym links to directories
that didn't exist.

Stupid mistake on my part.