[ANN/ADV] RubyConf 2008 registration now open!

Hi everybody --

I'm happy to report that registration is now open for RubyConf 2008,
produced by Ruby Central, Inc., and to be held November 6-8 in
Orlando, Florida.

The program is posted and looks amazing. We've got

   * keynote and Q&A with Matz
   * an evening talk by Dave Thomas
   * entire day-long "Implementors' Track" with presentations by the
     architects of YARV (the Ruby 1.9 VM), JRuby, IronRuby, Rubinius,
     and MagLev
   * a lightning talk track (bring your 5-minute talk!)
   * and about 50 other presentations by the likes of Jim Weirich,
     Nathaniel Talbott, Gregg Pollack, Eric Hodel, Rich Kilmer, and many

It's the world's premier gathering of Ruby experts, and the program is
absolutely awesome.

You can register for RubyConf at:


and there's full info about the event and the program at:


If you have any questions you can write directly to me, or to

See you in Orlando!