[ADV/UPDATE] RailsConf Europe 2008 is approaching!

Hi everyone --

If you haven't already seen it, the schedule is posted for RailsConf
Europe 2008; you can find it at http://www.railsconfeurope.com, along
with other information about dates and registration.

Speaking of which -- the conference is September 2-4 (one day of
tutorials and two days of talks and keynotes) in Berlin. Early
registration (save 150 Euros) goes until July 15.

The conference is produced jointly by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly
Media. It's the "perfect storm" conjunction of conference production:
world-class event and on-site management by the O'Reilly conference
team, and program/schedule development by Ruby Central, producers
since 2001 of RubyConf and co-producers since 2006 of RailsConf and
RailsConf Europe. And it's in Berlin, which is an incredibly cool and
fascinating city.

The latest schedule addition is a Q&A panel discussion, on the evening
of the 2nd, with DHH and Rails core members Jeremy Kemper and Michael
Koziarski (and any others who may drop by! :slight_smile: It's a great way to
kick off the conference -- except that the real kickoff is Monday
night's "Bratwurst on Rails" sausagefest, arranged for us by Jetaido
GmbH and the members of the Berlin Ruby Users Group.

The lineup of talks is great and speaks for itself. We've got keynote
presentations by DHH and Jeremy, and around forty talks (that's up
about 15% from last year) full of interesting, timely topics, and
speaker names you'll recognize. (If you read this list, I absolutely
promise that that's true!)

Register soon! See you there --

David A. Black
Program Chair, RailsConf Europe 2008
Director, Ruby Central, Inc.