RailsConf '07 opens for registration

Come May 17th, the Oregon Convention Center in Portland will host the second annual RailsConf and if you want to be there, you better get your registration in early. Last year the 600 seats were gone in a week and change.

We've doubled capacity this year, but the growth of Rails has shot up even faster than that. So if you want to be sure not to miss out, I'd advise you skip reading the rest of this introduction and jump straight to the registration form.

This year we've teamed up with O'Reilly to produce the conference, which means that silly-nilly details like which sessions will be available are actually ready for you to peruse before signing up. This goes for the new-to-this-year first day of tutorials too. What a luxury treat. And on top of sessions and tutorials, we'll of course also have a slew of keynotes.

It's going to be one heck of a show. I can't wait to see your all there.

URL: Conferences - O'Reilly Media Signup: Conferences - O'Reilly Media

Will any of the conference content be made available afterwards? Such as notes or videos?

For those of us unable to attend due to things like... a child due to be born about that time or other such hang-ups.


Andy Koch

DHH schrieb:

Videos from last year and RailsConf Europe were made available, so I would think so. I'm sure you'll be able to find slides and blog posts on the sessions as they happen.

Well, don't jump quite so fast!!

I saw this email and did jump on over to the registration link at the bottom and signed up!! A couple of minutes later I saw another email from Oreilly saying that I was eligible for a 15% discount since I had attended last year. There was no mention of an alumni discount on the online registration form. So I called O'Reilly customer service to see if they could help me out and apply the discount after the fact. Unfortunately they say since I had already registered there is nothing they can do :frowning:

So message to attendees from last year -

First check and see if there is a discount code in your email before you rush on over.

I lost $111.75 in my haste. Just a message to other alumni to make sure you get yours.

See you there,


note there is also a discount available to those belonging to user groups registered with Oreilly. 15% I believe.


PS: O'Reilly came through for me and agreed to extend the 15% alumni discount. I am a happy camper now :))


For those of you who attended RailsConf or RailsConf Europe in 2006 please be aware that your alumni code was emailed to you yesterday afternoon (PST). If for some reason you did not receive the code (i.e. your email addresss has changed since you registered last year) please email confreg@oreilly.com to get it.

Thanks, Allison Iacopini O'Reilly Conferences