[ADV] Ruby Hoedown 2008 Talks Selected and Registration Open!

Hello all!
I'm really excited to announce that the Ruby Hoedown (sponsored by
Engine Yard and Hashrocket) has completed its CFP and has selected
talks. Here are the selections:

     Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator (Giles Bowkett)
     Ruby: A Year of Innovation (Gregg Pollack & Jason Seifer)
     flog << Test.new (Rick Bradley)
     Ruby Best Practice Patterns (Rein Henrichs)
     The Future is Now: Leveraging the Cloud with Ruby (Robert Dempsey)
     Ruleby: the Rule Engine for Ruby (Joe Kutner)
     Call Your Code: Gluing Phone Calls to Ruby (Troy Davis)

We'll also be having a Charity Tutorial Breakfast with Jim Weirich /
Joe O`Brien where they'll discuss mocking (who does it, why do it, why
it's cool, and when it sucks!) with us. You won't want to miss it!

Find out more information about the talks and speakers here:

Or you can go ahead and register here (it's only $199!):

Any questions can be directed to this message, to myself off list, or
organizers /at/ rubyhoedown.com.

Thanks so much!
Jeremy McAnally (and the rest of the Ruby Hoedown team)

P.S. - We're still looking for sponsors! Get more info here:

If anyone on the list is going to be attending the Hoedown let me know
what you'd like to get out of my talk "Leveraging the Cloud with
Ruby." Please leave your comments here:


Robert Dempsey