[ADV] Ruby Hoedown (the southeastern Ruby conference) updates!

Hello all, Since registration opened, we've been hard at work to get the details nailed down for the Hoedown, and here are some updates:

CHARITY WORKSHOP The charity workshop has been (basically) finalized. It will be led by Marcel Molina, Jr., Bruce Tate, and Chad Fowler on August 10, 2007 from 8a.m. to 12p.m. at the Redhat International Headquarters. The topic the guys have chosen is testing Ruby, from simply using assert() all the way through concepts like mocking and stubbing (and beyond I'm sure).

The minimum donation is $50, and all proceeds go straight to a Research Triangle local food bank. The Hoedown website will have more details soon, so be on the lookout. This will be a great chance to learn from serious Ruby masters while also helping out your fellow man (and woman).

SIGNIFICANT OTHERS GATHERING The significant others gathering is also shaping up. The idea (at this point) is to meet the first day and hang out (I'm told there will be board games, food, and a Wii involved somehow), and on the second day, go do something (i.e., away from the conference!) that is decided upon on the first day (confusing enough? ;)). So, if you're bringing your S.O. and they don't want to putter around the hotel room (or if they complain they don't want to go because they'll be bored silly), then head over to the Hoedown website and register them up (and yourself for the conference!) :slight_smile:

GIVEAWAYS GALORE! We've arranged some giveaways for attendees, and who doesnt like free stuff, right? You can score some copies of some great books from APress or Manning or some of the other great giveaways from sponsors, but the "Big Daddy" prize that we're offering is a free workshop from the Pragmatic Studio (valued up to $1500!). We'll be giving away prizes before each talk, so make sure you stay around if you want to pick up something sweet.

SPONSORSHIP If you'd like to help us make this conference great, we're still accepting sponsors! Drop us an e-mail at organizers@rubyhoedown.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks! Jeremy McAnally Ruby Hoedown Organizer