[ADV] Ruby Hoedown 2008 - Hotel information, group/student discounts, and more!

Hello all,
The Ruby Hoedown (the southeastern regional Ruby conference, sponsored
by Engine Yard and Hashrocket) is just over a month away, and we have
a few things to announce today.

First of all, due to popular demand, we're now offering user group,
work place, and student discounts. These usually range from $50-$100
(depending on how many people you're sending). If you send enough
people from your employer or user group, you could all go for $99
each! Drop an e-mail to organizers@rubyhoedown.com and we'll get the
ball rolling (which really just entails us making a custom discount
code for you).

Secondly, we now have our hotel and entertainment information up on
the website. Check out http://www.rubyhoedown.com/ to see what's

Lastly, registration is open until and through the first day of the
conference just in case you were wondering. :wink: You can still register
here for $199: http://rubyhoedown.eventwax.com/ruby-hoedown-2008/register
. You don't want to miss talks from Jim Weirich, David Black, Chris
Wanstrath, Joe O'Brien and a host of others!

Thanks and e-mail me or reply here if you have any questions!