Advice how to get the word out of new Ruby Jobs(without being a pest)

Don't want to spam but would like to let Ruby on the Rails people know of a client that has immediate and periodic openings. Any suggestions of boards, groups, you know of would be greatly appreciated.


Steve F.

Well people do post jobs here so you could try that. But please include concrete details like where the job is, what skills are required, what industry sector is in it and what salary range. Also your position on visas, teleworking and the like.

A bad ad (one containing little information and much hyperbole) tend to get flamed. A good ad will be read but should not generate much comment on the list. Getting the subject line right is important, something like

[JOB] 2 x Rails developers with 2+ years experience for online gaming startup in NYC

reads well and those people interested will read your mail and the rest of us can skip it. If you have several unrelated jobs it might be better to post them individually. Consider it a success if people don't question your parentage :slight_smile:

The main tweak I'd make to that is to put the location earlier, and maybe be a bit terser. Some email clients have very little room for the Subject in a listing. Also be sure to include if remote is OK, e.g., "[JOB] NYC/Remote 2 RoR devs w/ 2+ yrs exp for gaming startup".



  • broadcasting is inefficient

  • anyone cares for a “community job site” ??

  • I object to massive job spam on this list

Broadcasting all jobs to all readers seems horrendously inefficient.

I already got nervous with the recent few “job” announcements that

where totally irrelevant for me (and probably 90% of the readers).

And indeed, the worst of it is, you need to read half of the text to figure

out it is in NY, Berlin or SFO …

I seems so much more efficient if you at least one can filter on a few

basic criteria like:

  • location of work (that is not location of employer, client or recruiter)

  • a few keywords/tags (front-end, back-end, javascript, …)

  • recommendations (for the job/employer, I mean)

I spent 6 months on my own money setting up a free job job site (that was

2008, my first Rails project), but no real success (technically, it was great,

it had 1,000 high-tech/start-up jobs that where otherwise not publicized that

I scraped from 100 high-tech companies’ job sites, around university of

Leuven in Belgium ; in case anybody cares).

Recently, I picked up a similar idea again, but let go much faster.

FWIW, I might well spent some time/money again for the third time to build

a simple free job listing system if people would be interested. At least, I am

not aware of the “default” spot where all the Ruby/Rails jobs, projects,

available people are listed (if that exists, certainly interested to know).

Maybe, it even makes sense to build that as an open source/community

project, so we (and not the recruiters) can decide how the thing works …

Revenue could come from “VIP” jobs that get more prominent html


I you give me positive feedback, I am on it! If I get no feedback, no prob,

just confirms previous conclusions :slight_smile:

In any case, I object somewhat to a massive amount of job spam on

this list (but indeed, I could filter on the [JOB] in the subject line).

Curious for any feedback,


I think it's cool to have job posts here... as long as they're detailed enough.. I think the annoying thing with spammy/broadcasted jobs posts is that a lot of them doesn't have enough info and constantly leave you wondering if you're in the level they're searching for, if it's opening for remote and the like...since this is a little bit more of an intimist place most people would get annoyed by Ctrl+c,Ctrl+v generic openings descriptions that fail to give us the info we would need to know if we're interested or not...

the talk here is supposed to be coder-to-coder I guess..

other than that I don't see any problem at all, I think it's a good thing