How to post to multiple job boards from my job board - Ruby on Rails

I like to post to some selected free job boards what a job advert is made on my ruby on rails job board. How can I factor this or is there any gem that handles that? Here is the full detail to my question on Stackoverflow which is not allowed on stackoverflow: How to post to multiple job boards from my job board - Ruby on Rails

Any suggestion or information into this is appreciated. thanks

I doubt there is a generic way that would work for all job boards. For each job board you’d first check whether they provide an api, if so write some code to talk to that api. If there is no api, then look at the form that allows you to post a job ad and try to replicate it using a ruby http client. If you’re unlucky there may be things such as captchas which make this more difficult


I would agree with Fred.
Beyond the technical - the approach does not make sense to me in general because you are trying to automatically spam those boards.

Fundamentally, I would focus on how to drive more traffic to your site. Maybe talking to the other boards and agreeing to share jobs is a better approach. Of course they have to see value in what you are offering. From a quick look boards like indeed, craigslist need payment to post a job - which makes sense if they have access as the meta-job search tool lots of people use. As an employer I would be more likely to pay a board as I have a real need and a deadline vs a free board - just my feel.