Pop quiz: Where do you watch for job postings?

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on where we should be putting an advert if we are looking to hire a full time rails developer? Or turning it around what websites (or mailing lists) do folks here use to if they feel the need for a change in view from their desk?

A few details to narrow down scope since it might affect the advice, apologies in advance, trying to NOT make this an advert in itself:
- We are based in London
- Looking to hire local, permanent staff
- Small company looking for self reliant people who can work independently

Thanks for some thoughts

Ed W

I look at posts on here, on LRUG and on Jobsite.

Given that you’re looking for local folks, you’ll definitely be best served by local sources like lrug.org. I would also strongly recommend that you not limit yourself to posting on board or a list. You’ll greatly improve your chances if you invest the time to introduce yourself to the community in person. Attend a LRUG meeting or two. Go buy a round at a local hacknight. Etc.

Best regards and good luck!

Off the top of my head: here, local RUG email lists (especially local
to jobs demanding onsite work), the major job boards (Monster,
CareerBuilder, etc.), the job boards on Ruby sites (like Working with
Rails) and software development sites (like Joel on Software), and
"word of keyboard" referrals from friends.