advice, examples, creating front-end for postgresql

Hassan, Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with the tutorial. It’s just a lot of information to absorb. If I completely absorbed all the concepts, I’m sure I would have it. It’s the structure I find a little confusing with regards to the DB I’ve designed. Mostly I want the users seeing DB views not real tables and I was hoping there was a more direct example of rails being used as a database UI.

Tamouse, The DB has many relation ships and spans about 20 tables. I’m trying to stay away from scaffolding. The tutorial suggest staying away from it and I think I need the DYI approach to ensure my understanding. Most users I don’t want dealing with any of the tables directly (possibly none). I want users instead to see DB views and do updates that update multiple tables without there direct knowledge. I’ll look into Active Record more.

I was just hoping for an example more directly related to DB views and more in line with with a UI just for the betterment of my understanding.