Added new Rails controller using “generate controller” but can't load page

I have a Rails app that has only consisted of backend code so far (a little custom workflow engine, Redis, foreman, etc). Today I tried to add the first controller to the application, but I can’t get the new controller to load.

I used:

rails generate controller CollectedData new --no-test-framework

And got back:

  create app/controllers/collected_data_controller.   rb
route get "collected_data/new"
  invoke erb
create app/views/  collected_data
create app/views/collected_data/new.html.  erb
invoke helper
create app/helpers/collected_data_helper.  rb
invoke assets
invoke coffee
create app/assets/javascripts/collected_data.js.  coffee
invoke scss
create app/assets/stylesheets/collected_data.css.scss

And I also ran rake routes and got this:

collected_data_new GET /collected_data/new(.:format) collected_data#new

But whenever I load http://localhost:3000/collected_data/new in my browser, I get:

Not Found: /collected_data/new

Here is the content of my routes.rb file:

Crows::Application.routes.draw do
  get "collected_data/new"

  # The priority is based upon order of creation:
  # first created -> highest priority.

  # Sample of regular route:
  # match 'products/:id' => 'catalog#view'
  # Keep in mind you can assign values other than :controller and :action

  # Sample of named route:
  # match 'products/:id/purchase' => 'catalog#purchase', :as => :purchase
  # This route can be invoked with purchase_url(:id =>

  # Sample resource route (maps HTTP verbs to controller actions automatically):
  # resources :products

  # Sample resource route with options:
  # resources :products do
  # member do
  # get 'short'
  # post 'toggle'
  # end

Is that exactly the error you are getting (and all it says)? Which
browser are you using? It seems an odd message, but if that is what
it says it suggests that the request is not getting through to rails
at all (you would get a routing error if it got as far as rails but
then could not be found). What do you see in development.log and in
the server window when you issue the request?