ActiveSupport 7.1.2 may not require core_ext/*.rb early enough for Appraisal

Have found that if you’re upgrading an app which depends on ActiveSupport that in your Gemfile or boot.rb you may need to have this, otherwise extensions like [].blank? and [].present? may not work in your tests. (Notably, if you use the appraisal gem then it relies upon this.)

# config/boot.rb
if Gem::Specification.find_by_name('activesupport').version >='7.1.2')
  require 'active_support'
  require 'active_support/core_ext'

You’ll know if you need it if things were working under 7.1.1, and then in 7.1.2 you get this error:

.../gems/appraisal-2.5.0/lib/appraisal/appraisal_file.rb:125:in `block in run':
 undefined method `present?' for #<Array:0x0000000162b31df8> (NoMethodError)