active scaffold config question

i am using active scaffold and have a question on the search. I
changed the default full text search to a field search successfully
with this in my controller:

config.actions.exclude :search
config.actions << :field_search

my problem is this defaults to all feilds in the search screen, I only
want to allow user to search on 3 or 4, does anyone know how to
configure for this?


I use ActiveScaffold a lot but haven't needed to modify the search
conditions (so I haven't tried this myself). A quick look at this

...seems to indicate that you can modify the search columns like this: << :roles

Even more cool is that it says that you can search across the
associations as well.

Good luck!


does anyone else have any input on this? I think he is onto something
but no matter what I do in the model or controller - no luck. my
search is still defaulting to all the columns in the table whereas I
would like to just choose about 4. HELP

config.actions << :field_search
      config.field_search.columns = [ :foo, :bar ]

like that?

that worked man!! thanks a ton. thanks to all of you.