Active Scaffold search error

I have active scaffold searching in fields, which works, but if there is more than 1 page of results and I click on next, or page 2 , it just defaults back to the way it was before the search params were put in, and resets the view. Here is my code:

lass PatronController < ApplicationController
layout “admin”

ActiveScaffold.set_defaults do |config|
config.actions << :field_search


active_scaffold :book do |config|

config.actions.exclude :delete, :create, :update
config.label = “Books at Highland Park United Methodist Church”
#config.actions << :field_search
#config.actions << :field_search = “Search By Field”

config.columns = [:title, :author, :publisher, :dewey, :callletter, :descriptio
config.list.columns.exclude :description, :publisher, :callletter
#config.list.sorting = {:title => ‘ASC’}