A help for installing rails on windows

Hello Everyone , I have Rails installed and Ruby installed too , in
windows 7 . When i click ruby gems documentation server . It says
SERVER STARTED on 0 .0.0.0:8808. Then i go to {http://localhost:8808/}
. The browser says Ruby Gems Documentation Index . Summary . There
are 34 gems installed . . Then i create a site {named k . It creates
in c:SITES} it makes a number of directories . . Then i edit the
controller code and puts hello world there . . What should i do next
. Localhost 3000 gives error . Localhost:8808/site name also gives
error . I am really frustrated at my own incompatibility . Please help
. I mean how to edit my site .

What error are you getting? Please paste the error in your reply.


hi rahul,

localhost:8808 is a documentation server.

when u create a project using command :- rails new

a project wil be created. after configuring necessary files such as DATABASE.YML , ROUTES.RB

you have to start the server by a command :- rails server

this will start the webrick server which is inbuilt into ruby on rails. den u can see the output in localhost:3000.

try this . if this doesn’t work let me know.

please tell me what to do next

the images shows that u have installed the netbeans,

but no rails…

first install the rails framework

refering to 2nd image… it shows rails not install…
click on the button which says install rails.

after this your project wil be created. den just click on RUN.

webrick server wil start which wil display the index.html file in d browser.


*refering to 2nd image.. it shows rails not install..*
*click on the button which says install rails.*
*after this your project wil be created. den just click on RUN.*
*webrick server wil start which wil display the index.html file in d

run this command

gem i mysql2

in command prompt and den check

run this command

*gem i mysql2*
*in command prompt and den check*
i see this

follow this procedure:-




gem install rails --include-dependencies

STEP 4:- gem i dbi

gem i devise

gem i globalize

STEP 5:- gem i mysql2

if still same problem arises mail me on mandrekar.salim@gmail.com

no - please keep it on list so the next time someone has this problem,
they can search and find the answer/

dear rahul

i was also having the same problem while installing the ruby on rails and using Netbeans. but now its solved…

i’ll suggest u please follow the above mentioned steps and den install Netbeans…