A few newbie questions about RoR


my website is developed by a webdesign office, but now I want to be able to change the website myself. I've knowledge about php and html but I'm new to RoR. So now I want to create a new page on our site, but I don't know how to do this. This is what I tried: -I've manually wrote a controller (newsletter.rb)and placed it in the controller folder -I've wrote the newsletter.rhtml (in the newsletter folder that is stored in the views folder)

But when I try to open the page on IE, I get a 404 error. I used the same structure that the other pages uses.

I hope you can help me.

Without seeing the code this is just a wild guess, but the first place I'd look would be config/routing.rb. That's the file that controls which requests go to which controllers - assuming your controller is valid, the 404 says the request never got to it.

I strongly suggest that you spend some quality time on a RoR beginners tutorial before you adventure without a clear map of where are you going. I also highly recommend to buy the Agile Web Development with Rails from David Thomas and do the tutorial on the first part.

Is not that I can't help you, is that your question is so basic, that I know you haven't read (and practice) a basic beginners tutorial.

Look for one of the many blog creation tutorial with rails also. That should give you enough knowledge to start modifying you site.

Good luck!

Best regards, Jorge Corona.

Also as a wild guess, he needs an action called as the template, as a minimum. It seems that this is the problem. (again, without looking at the code).

your controller isn't looking for newsletter.rhtml. It's looking for an action, such as show.rhtml. Also, if you're using a more recent version of rails, it's probably looking for show.html.erb (rhtml seems to be out of favor). Definitely buy the Agile Web Development book (there's a 3rd edition in development right now--make sure you get the beta PDF of that; the 2nd edition is pretty outdated now).

I've already read several RoR tutorials, but they are all talking about a server that is on your local machine. And I don't know how to use the rails generate command on my webhosting. Or is it allowed to write the controller manually?

@jeffpatterson@gmail.com Our website is only 1 month old, and the webdesign office use .rhtml for everything.

@Phillip I've done exactly what you've told me but I still got the 404 error.

Here are the codes of the pages: nieuwsbrief_controller.rb (app/controllers/nl/nieuwsbrief_controller.rb)

If you really want to learn it, best to do as the previous emails mentioned: buy a book or read tutorials online

then, if I may add: do development on a local machine. Editing a live app isn't recommended and it's more difficult to see errors there.

OK, I will buy a book and setup a development server.

But can I after I've setup the server just simple copy the current ftp site directory directly on my server?