Struggling at Rails beginner help

So I've just dipped into Rails and I'm completely lost ... I have a very simple website. There are 2 layouts, application and welcome.

The route begins at the welcome layout.

The "main" controller is connected to the "welcome" layout, and has one method, so this method's view gets inserted at the yield block. It inserts an image that when you click it, brings you to a new page. This new page has a new layout "application". The controller "beers" is connected to this layout and has three methods, beers1, beers2, food.

Below is the view that gets inserted in "welcome" layout:

I suggest working through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online). This will show you the basics of rails.


Besides the excellent suggestion to work through a Rails tutorial --

If you intend to do web development, please please please learn to write proper HTML and CSS.

If nothing else, a glance at the generated markup via `view source` would show you exactly why your page doesn't change, and provide an immediate clue how to fix it.