newbie issue

I'm trying to get started learning Rails, but can't get to first base. I have followed the instructions in Agile Web Development with Rails to build "Hello World", but I keep getting the "Template is missing" error. I have checked the ports to ensure my system (XP SP2) is not using port 3000--it is not. I have tried WEBrick and Mongrel servers. My say_controller.rb and hello.rhtml files look exactly like those in the book and they are in the same directories. What am I doing wrong???

The error "template is missing" is not an issue with the web server, but with the files in your application.

The most common issue is that the controller action does not have a matching template in the proper directory.

For controller "foo" and action "bar" there should be a file app/views/ foo/bar.rhtml or app/views/foo/bar.rxml which takes the data from the action and produces html or xml respectively.


If you're getting a "Template is missing" error then you are getting into the app... it's not a port or server issue. That error means that the rails dispatcher can't find a template (rhtml, etc.) with the name it expected.

Make sure you've followed all the steps in the agile book. You should have a hello.rhtml file in app/views/say. The point of that chapter is to explain the basic workings of rails dispatching (how it breaks down the url, looks up a controller and then a view). Read through it a couple times and you should be able to figure out what's wrong.

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