Missing Template


I am trying to create a hello world application, where the controller (Say) only has one action:

def hello end

And the view, hello.rhtml, has <h1>HELLO WORLD</h1>. When I run it, it says Missing template say/hello.html.erb in view path C:/ InstantRails/rails_apps/bob/app/views.

I put hello.rhtml (also tried .html.erb, same error) in that spot, but it still gives the missing template error.

I appreciate your help! Shelly

So you have the view template


and the view template looks like


and the controller


and the controller looks like

class SayController < ApplicationController

def hello



and you’re still getting an error?

yes, that's what I have..

These are the steps I would take to set up that app.

In the terminal window:

$ rails bob

$ cd bob

/bob$ script/generate controller Say hello (this will set up the empty hello method in the Say controller and hello.html.erb)

/bob$ script/server

Open the hello.html.erb template and change the contents to <h1>Hello, World!</h1>

Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000/say/hello

Hope this helps.