2009 GSoC winners announced

We had a very competitive turnout for our first year with GSoC: 35
students and 44 proposals vying for 4 spots. Students, you rocked

Top runners-up:

@kirkconnell - ActiveResource Service Discovery
@flgr - Bringing fast debugging support to YARV
@hectoregm - ActiveEncoding: End to end encoding support for Rails
@imownbey - Drop-in Admin Interface
@lucianopanaro - Identity Map implementation in ActiveRecord
@mernen - Bringing the RubySpecs up to date with Ruby 1.9

And the four winners:

@miloops - Integrate Active Relation
@joshpeek - ActiveModel
@ecin - Rack::Dtrace Plus Pretty Graphs
@josevalim - Rails generators to provide a solid interface for
ORM, Javascript and Tests agnosticism

See http://socghop.appspot.com/org/home/google/gsoc2009/rails for
links to their proposals.

Congratulations all!