Rails GSOC

Hello guys, Greetings from India.

I am an undergrad pursuing a degree in computer science in India. I have been developing on rails for the past 1.5 years and I am in love with both ruby and the framework itself. I have been active on the IRC helping fellow ruby and rails enthusiasts for a while now. (@sivsushruth)

I have also submitted a few PRs(none accepted though and I get why).

I intended to apply for GSOC this year under the ruby on rails organisation. I have asked about the status of the project ideas on both #gsoc and #rails-contrib, but unfortunately got no response.

Rails is the only organisation I wanted to apply to and I am getting a bit nervous not seeing any posts/blogs/ideas for this year’s GSOC.

It would be of great help if you could let me and other fellow applicants know about the same.

Thank you for your time.

Have a great day ahead.

Warm Regards,


I remember recently seeing an email mentioning this on the mailing list[0] (I coulnd’t find it but my search-fu is severely limited). The application deadline for mentoring organizations was Feb. 20, so I hope we can get the confirmation that Rails signed up as a candidate.

In the meantime you can take a look at the Ruby GSoC repo for some Ruby-related ideas: Home · rubygsoc/rubygsoc Wiki · GitHub

[0] Or maybe it was IRC, I can’t remember! It specifically addressed how the submissions for this year are expected to be more practical than the ones from previous years.

Hi sivsushruth, I hope this might be helpful for you

also please get try to get in touch with Arthur Neves(@arthurnn) https://twitter.com/arthurnn/status/572085221476048899

Hello Sushruth,

glad to hear you’re interested in applying for GSoC to work on Ruby on Rails, we have a wiki page with a few ideas, but you can also propose one of yours in case you have something interesting for the framework.

The best place to get more information and contact people about GSoC is the mailing list we have specifically for that, so please feel free to send your questions and ask for more information there.

Hope that helps.

Hello guys,

Thank you for the response.

I see a couple of extremely interesting projects in the list now, like the long running ruby and rails benchmarks and refactoring the cookie implementation.

I am still a bit far away from actually being of good help with the ideas, so I have started contributing by a few Doc fixes here and there.

This has helped/ is helping me in 2 ways. I am getting familiar with the codebase and the coding practices and also I can now see how the entire system interacts internally.

I have also been a bit active on the IRC, helping out fellow Rails enthusiasts. I have also started a blog, helping out rails guys on Windows(IMO, this is a neglected section of developers)

I would be deeply indebted if you could give me a few suggestions/advice on how i can enhance my learning/helping curve?

Warm regards from India,


Hi Sushruth, It’s nice to see you got started already! To answer your question: one of the most useful tips mentioned in the “Contributing to Rails Guides” (Contributing to Ruby on Rails — Ruby on Rails Guides) is helping resolve existing issues. It’s an easy way to learn about Rails internals while contributing by verifying or complementing bug reports and patches. Adding something as simple as “Can reproduce on Windows 10 with Ruby 2.2 and Rails HEAD” can get the ball rolling, and you might just get curious enough to end up submitting fixes.

We also have a mailing list for this year’s GSoC: Redirecting to Google Groups. Even if you’re not participating you’re welcome to join us!