Speak at Acts as Conference 2009

Rails For All is happy to announce that the request for proposals for acts_as_conference 2009 has begun!

In today's economy, maintaining a competitive advantage is crucial, whether you are a freelancer, or you run a development shop. Using the productivity benefits of Ruby on Rails helps us to stand out in the crowded space of developers and development firms. And the Rails core team hasn't kept us wanting, adding features such as internationalization, compatibility with Ruby 1.9 and JRuby, thread safety, and much more. And if the Rails Rumble proved anything, it's that a small team of Rails developers can accomplish a great amount with little time. So how do we as developers continue to improve how we work and what we produce?

We're looking for 10 solid speakers to help us figure out just that. Submit your talk proposal to aacpapers at railsforall dot org before November 30th, and you may be one of the 10. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in February.

Get more conference information at http://www.actsasconference.com

Not really, but it gets the point across.

- Robert Dempsey

Good afternoon everyone,

There's been some confusion on what we are looking for this year, so here's what we need from you all in terms of a submission:

* Your name * A little about yourself (what you do, who you do it for) * What you want to talk about, and how it ties into the theme of improving productivity and maintaining a competitive edge.

Here are some examples of topics to get you started:

* Following the Ruby idioms * Refactoring * Pair programming and agile techniques * Understanding the tools that are available * Building on existing applications to give yourself a head start


- Rob