2.02 problems with sqlite3 - not finding data

I upgraded to Rails 2.02 and created a new project. I created a table
with migrations. It's there. At sqlite3 prompt I add a record. I
can select * and see the data. But Mymodel.find(:all) returns
nothing. Even in a unit test, Mymodel.count returns zero.

I thought I might need to update gem ruby-sqlite - this refuses to
compile missing ruby.h (and yes I have ruby-dev installed).

Any ideas ? Is the problem related to needing a new sqlite gem ? If
so, any ideas of getting it compiled (Ubuntu Gutsy). Thks.

Still No Go. I added libsqlite-dev and that installed the gem
update. But even trying a new migration, etc, it still does not read
the data - appears active record is not synching with sqlite.