0% experience


I want to learn to use ROR but I have 0% experience. Do you think being a member of this group would help me?



You can find resources for learning Rails here:

http://www.buildingwebapps.com/topic/5108-ruby-on-rails http://www.buildingwebapps.com/articles/6508-new-crop-of-rails-2-0-books

Hey Che,

It’s mostly development and support discussion here.

You might want to check out these (I’ve found them very useful when learning)

http://guides.rails.info/ (currently being expanded by community contributions)

http://railscasts.com/ (lots of short, and helpful screencasts) http://envycasts.com/ (slightly indepth) http://www.pragprog.com/screencasts/v-rbar/everyday-active-record (slightly indepth)

http://www.pragprog.com/titles/rails3/agile-web-development-with-rails-third-edition (beta but still very helpful) http://www.buildingwebapps.com/learningrails (check the screencasts)

http://apidock.com/rails (I prefer ApiDock over http://api.rubyonrails.org/ because of the search and user comments, but they both have the same documentation I’ve found)


Regards Kieran

Sure this group has always help me to learn Ruby as well as resolve issues whenever I was stuck up

I found the members of this group to be very helpful indeed!

I like this book: Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition

It takes you step-by-step in creating your own Pragmatic Bookshelf application, explaining why things work as you go.

The final version isn't out yet but the Beta is proper.

Back in 2006 when Rails was just getting noticed, I learned using that same book First edition. Good choice. What other languages/frameworks do you have experience with? I find that can help in telling people how to approach Rails. Also are you a Mac or PC guy? This helps too.


Yes it will help but you needto get ruby installed o your computer and get the hand-on skills. You will then know how to and what help to request for.

On 9/18/08, cherrian harada <cchin19@gmail.com> wrote:> Hi,> I want to learn to use ROR but I have 0% experience. Do you think being a> member of this group would help me?> Thanks,> Che>> greatest

Thanks for your suggestions. Where can learn the basis codes & their meanings?

I have 0% experience but I want to learn… I have a Windows XP PC.

No computer language experience… I will need to undstand basis programming principles.



This book starts from scratch. It teaches you those basic principles in Ruby.


I didn’t learn to program from this book, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Here is nice way to just try out Ruby with zero overhead. No need to install Ruby on your machine or do anything just visit this web site and try Ruby right in your browsers.


This will at least give you a feel for whether you really want to pursue this coding thing further.

cherrian harada wrote:

IMO, you on the right path :slight_smile:

this group really help with many of the expert are here… my email full with new topic from this group :stuck_out_tongue:

some say, it’s good to start with a real guru’s rather than reading a book… but it’s depends


Thank you for the links below. I 've already signed up for the course on RoR…

I think that will be a big help in understanding RoR. Before starting the course, I want to get familiar with ruby language. I went to ruby-lang.org and created a account. I even tried to dowload it by using the One Step installer, but for some reason it does not look as if it was installed on my PC…

Any recommendations, where to go for learning or just getting familiar with Ruby Langage?

Thanks again,


An online version of which can be found here:


Definitely worth a look. And of course, for a surreal tutorial there’s always _why’s Poingnant Guide: