Writing a Report on Ruby on Rails - Could anyone provide any insight

Hi Josh,

We have been ask about how Ruby on Rails could be intergrated into a 3- tier architecure for produce a single intergrated source of student data and information. It would included both adminstrative and public records etc.

Who is 'we'? If you're, for example, a team within a university IT function that's considering Rails you'll find much better response here that if you're an IT consultancy.

Any information on how Ruby on Rails could be used in this sense sucesfully would be of great use, as well as information on how it could be intergrated with an Oracl Database.

Rails is very good at database-backed, front-end driven web applications. So if by 'single integrated source' you mean a single view into multiple databases, then Rails is well suited for your purpose. If on the other hand, your talking about using Rails to manage a federated system, probably not so much.

Say more about who you and and what you're trying to accomplish.

Best regards, Bill