Ruby on Rails Executive Summary?

A friend of mine is looking to convince some executives to sign off on
ruby. He's looking for a good white paper executive summary of Rails.
Not surprisingly, a simple google search doesn't turn up much in this
regard, developers seem to prefer to demonstrate Rails rather than
summarize it.

Regardless of the prevailing opinion on white papers, if you have
something along these lines, it'd be a big help.

Much thanks,

- Matt

It might be useful to let your peeps know a little about what rails is not - something that frankly I got hung up on over the past year:

Ruby on Rails is NOT (and does not include) an object-oriented database (OODB) that munges up your relational models - in fact, it completely leverages your old-school, well-designed relational data models. Sure, it may reward one for a few relational best practices (
e.g. table name => plural form; primary key => “id”; foreign key => [foreign_table_name]_id, etc.), but it does not obfuscate your data in layer-upon-layer of object-oriented dereferencing and wrappers.

Not a white paper, but is that concise enough?


Not sure if it’s what your after but Michel Barbosa wrote a thesis on rails a while back

The following article from O'Reilly convinced me to switch from Java
EE to Ruby on Rails. The fact that it's written by a few Java gurus is
pretty convincing :