workflow plugin?


Is there a workflow plugin that exists for Rails? That is something that provides a workflow framework around how to manage state changes for an object/model (i.e. think of a complex state diagram that represents states and possible paths between states for a specific object/model).


Greg -

thanks - I’m looking for something that supports creating validations back to the user if they try to make an update that doesn’t satisfy state criteria. For example if I have a model for personal expenses (“Expense”) and that if I want to transition it from PAID to BANK_RECONCILED then I was to make sure that the BANK_RECONCILED_DATE field is populated before allowing this to proceed. So perhaps I really want something like:

  • User updates an Expense and changes the status to BANK_RECONCILED but doesn’t add a BANK_RECONCILED_DATE
  • model update sees change in status and calls the “bank_reconciled!” action
  • this action either works, or else provides a set of validations back

Is this a reasonable approach? Or do people think it would be best to handle this with the normal Rails basic validation approach (i.e. and not use “acts_as_statemachine”)

Maybe this will provide some functionality you are looking for.