Need help putting together a workflow diagram

Hey Guys

I'm very new to rails and the development environment so please bear with me :slight_smile: I'm interning at a company and have been tasked with doing a 1-pager on how our

It must not be too complex, and must be in flow diagram format.

Here's info that I have: - We use Rails (obviously set up with Github) - Postgres - EngineYard

The flow diagram should include how the 3 things above work together (which I'm not sure of).

Could someone please clarify how exactly these components interact with eachother so that I'm off to a good start on my project.

Thanks! S

Sorry not to tell u the answer directly

Do u know what are they and what each of them does ?

I have a basic knowledge of all of them, but the main reason of this task is to try and understand the logic of updating and maintaining the system. Basically, I'm trying to complete a puzzle of how these work together / in what way each of them reference eachother.

Thanks for your help.

Maybe you should start by defining the two primary end points -- start, finish -- of the flow, and see how those pieces fit into that.

Also, it might be good to demonstrate that "basic knowledge" by writing a 1-sentence description of the primary role of each of the pieces you listed :slight_smile:

When u say u need a workflow diagram, I assume u are talking about the data flow or communication sequence

So to help u solve this problem, one hint is

u have to illustrate how the components talks to each other when there is a http request coming in

For example, in the case of “user wants to create a post message”

U have to write down

What data is passed from the browser to these group if components ?

Which one of these components receive the http request first ?

What information is passed from one component to another ?

Hope this help.