windows tail development.log


unfortunately I have to develop on a windows machine from time to
time. But there is a little problem, mostly for debugging.
How can I get the same output on the console as in a linux box or on
the mac?

I don't see the full output from the logger on the console.
How can I get the full output? SQL and so on

thank you veeery much!


dos != tty

Install cygwin.

Hi, when I used Windows to develop with Rails, I had to use a 'tail',
here are some options to you:

Hi Rafael,

have a look at mtail:

Kind regards,

Hey thanks guys for all the tipps!

Open it in EditPlus and it gets refreshed...

Cheers, SAzima

Try wormtail that's what I used before.

Ramon Tayag

Yet another choice, if you have to work under MotherShip...