Tailing Error


I'm trying to use the command tail and it keeps on saying: 'tail' is not
recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch
file. I've installed the gem 'file-tail' to try to solve this, but I'm
not really sure that this gem is what I'm looking for cuz it still
doesn't work.


Sounds like you're on Windows, and "tail" is a common *nix program.
You can get versions of it for your operating system, but either way,
it's not a Rails problem.

Yes Michael you are right...

You can achieve this by using git bash...(git command line). Just
google it for git installation for windows.

For multiple tab support you can use console2. One of the coolest
features is the ability to plug-in any shell. So you can even configure
it to run cygwin. Between this, the transparency support, mulitple
tabs, and background images.

Saravanan K