Windows and Linux differences

How hard or what would be the differences in learning and developing
Ruby on a Windows computer then hosting on Linux, since
Linux is the most common and economical way to host

ie would there be a lot of code conversion to upload the code


In theory just about everything would work, as long as you're not
doing things like calling system. Windows can sometimes be a bit more
forgiving since it's case insensitive, whereas typically most linux
filesystems aren't


Frederick Cheung wrote:

for the network side, Linux is much stable,faster,makes sense and is the native ruby/ ruby on rails platform like most Network applications.
you can code in Windows if you are used to but it will build you bad habits, since your application is going to be run on a network in your desktop it will make your live much easier if you get used to develop on linux. or even Mac OS X since is a Unix variant now a days.

Shai Rosenfeld escribió:

Hi Roger,

I've tended to build apps in a *nix environment and test it out on
both platforms and in my experience I really haven't had many
problems. I've used the one-click binaries for windows to install the
interpreter, ruby gems, rails, and a rdb server and this has made the
process very simple. I have found that windows really isn't as
flexible to develop on as linux is and working from the command line
is a little different (e.g. calling ruby ./script/console versus
simply script/console). Depending on how you plan to deploy your app
may also influence your decisions as well. Apache and Mongrel Cluster
are very easy to work with on linux and I've only used Webrick or a
single mongrel instance on windows to test so I can't really speak to
configuration and scaling. Coming from the world of open source and
linux, I think there are probably some philosophical differences
between the two platforms also. Support tends to be more in the
linux / mac os arena. You might want to consider dual booting? This
way you can have your cake (or should I say ruby) and eat it too.

- Mike