will_paginate params

maybe this
<%= will_paginate @companies, :params => { 'search_text' => @search_text
} %>

    Thanks a lot for ur reply.It worked.So my complete current code as
below.this is working
def search_sd_ticket

@search_sd_ticket = ServiceDeskTicket.find_where(:all ) do |sd|
sd.number.downcase =~ "%"+@sd_ticket_number.downcase+"%" if
          sd.service_desk_status_id== @sd_ticket_status_id

@search_sd_ticket_result=@search_sd_ticket.paginate :per_page=>10,


So the above code is working..Now chow can i move this to model.I tried
like in controller
params[:page]) And in model self.record_paginate_sd method pasted the
above..But some where mistake and i can't figure out.No error.But no
result..Could you please tell me how to move the above working code to

Thanks in advance