Which editor to use

i like vim in linux for a number of reasons

  1. most if the idles and editors that are cross plataform arent that really cross plataform when u go to linux

  2. vim has a lot of bundles and cool uses

  3. i can use vim remotely through ssh without the need to be in a computer

  4. probably the best editor for linux right now in programming

i use kate, cause is simpler, is free, it just has hightlight for
ruby, it has no complemetnation , i was learning vim but the trouble i
was it a kind dificult to move to another file, i just use cd, to go
the directory then vim file.rb to see it.

I want to ask about Eclipse specifically. Im using this editor for daily pro C/C++ development, but in free time im playing with Rails for personal use. Ive looked over the internet for Rails plugins for eclipse and found 2 leads :

  • easyeclipse for ruby on rails distribution - looks pretty outdated (its based on eclipse 3.2), it can’t event make a new project on rails 3

  • aptana radrails 2 - pretty decent and mature project and still under active development,

I rly dont have anything against Aptana RadRails, but there is one thing that pisses me off, im forced to use their IDE (called Aptana Studio) which is basicly classic eclipse, just with their plugins equiped (at least looks like it at first glance) - and its silly to have same two expandable IDEs.

Im wondering if there is any way to install this stuff as plugins in classic eclipse distribution (google returning some outdated info, not very useful)



Just found plugin option on Aptana Download page, I dont know how i’ve missed it at 1st time.

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