What's your favorite RoR editor/IDE?

VIM, prefer to have one editor not one for every task.

My $0.02 is that text mate is the best editor out there, but E text editor is the best alternative for PC users. It even does multiple panels/documents now! ( http://www.e-texteditor.com/ )

In e you can hold CTRL down while selecting and get multiple,
disconnected, selections. Is there a way to do that in TextMate?
Since this is getting off-topic, I'll try to pull it back with: I
often need to select many things at once as I'm editing a view or
controller, and it would be helpful if I could do that. :slight_smile:

Peace, Phillip

Cody Skidmore wrote:

Eivind Hjertnes wrote:

VIM, prefer to have one editor not one for every task.

Then that's what you've got in 3rdRail. It edits templates, style sheets, code, and practically everything else from a single interface.

You can also execute shell commands from the editor. Code completion works for shell commands, and if you're installing gems, it actually fetches a list of available gems for you live.

When you execute a script command, you can see the same results you'd see in a shell window.

What I meant by directly targeting Ruby & Rails is the editor doesn't try and support PHP, Ruby, Java, C#, etc. It targets Ruby/Rails project tasks directly. Most every task I can think of can be handled directly from the IDE.


Jeezus Aich Keeriest, and a license is $400! And it looks suspiciously like Aptana or one of those Eclipse-based variants. No dice there.

I've been super happy with Textmate on my mac, and Netbeans on Windows. I'd use Netbeans on my mac too, but it's true - it's a touch resource-intensive and doesn't work as smoothly as TM. But on Windows, NB has become my first choice.

I tried Komodo Edit for a bit (the free version). It's not bad at all, but it's a serious hog and pretty flaky. It's also missing a lot of what I consider basic text-editing features, like search-and-replace for blocks of code (nope, you can't do that with Komodo.)