Which editor to use

I’m using TextMate and I love it… Simple to use with low cost and lots of benefits!


It is also for vim-gtk?

I have searched long and hard for a great editor in Linux as well.
I've tried vim, gedit (w/ gmate and rails plugins making it more like
TextMate), and jEdit. I've also used IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans, and
Aptana. However, I keep coming back to Komodo Edit. It's free, it
has a side-pane, like you requested, and a fair amount of plugins if
you need them. I set up several aliases to run Komodo from the
command line and open working directories.

As my own preference, and because I have multiple monitors, I like to
use a terminal-multiplexer (tmux) inside of a drop-down terminal
(guake) on one monitor. Then on the other, I have my editor, Komodo
Edit. I've found this setup more comfortable than using an IDE.

If I'm a low power machine w/ a single monitor, like a laptop, then I
tend to rely on gedit + gmate/rails plugins alongside the same drop-
down terminal + multiplexer setup.



look for the bundle directory in my vim repository, there are all the plugins I use for rails development,

look for each one to know about what they do

I would just try every editor out there for a few days or for a week
per and find out which one works best for you.

I personally use Texmate and I like it a lot. I have used NetBeans
before and while it is great, I don't like the fact that it's so
resource heavy.

I have the following route:

get “/places/:lat/:lng” => “api#places”

When I go to /places/1/2 it works fine

When I try to go to /places/40.728601/-73.991972 (a useful lat/lng) I get a Routing error: No route matches “/api/v11/places/40.728601/-73.991972”

Any suggestions on how I can get this working? I know I could put the latlng into a query string, but it seems a little more RESTful to have it as part of the URI.

Best Wishes,


Follow up - looks like the router is choking on the periods. Without those it is fine.

I could just transform . into _ to have routes like


Any thoughts? Any better way to go about this (while using bound parameters as opposed to query strings to keep with the spirit of distinct, meaningful URI’s?

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Add a requirement that :lat and :lng match /[-\d.]/


Yeah, and it is Mac only, the OP asked for a editor usable in Ubuntu-Linux

Top posted from android

I have the following route:

get “/places/:lat/:lng” => “api#places”

When I go to /places/1/2 it works fine

When I try to go to /places/40.728601/-73.991972 (a useful lat/lng) I get a Routing error: No route matches “/api/v11/places/40.728601/-73.991972”

Add a requirement that :lat and :lng match /[-\d.]/

Hmmm, can’t seem to get that to work. I changed the route to:

get “/places/:lat/:lng” => “api#places” , :constraints => { :lat => /[-\d.]/ , :lng => /[-\d.]/ }

but still go the “no routes match”.

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Hi Peter,

This works

get ‘places/:lat/:lng’ => ‘places#index’, :constraints => { :lat => /-?[.\d]+/, :lng => /-?[.\d]+/ }

I think it’s just that the regular expression must match the whole text, and you were just missing the ‘+’ at the end.


If you want and IDE go with RubyMine, hands down best ruby IDE ever. If you just want to keep it simple (sic) use vim…

+1 on RubyMine. I've just used it about a month now, but I like it
better than Eclipse or NetBeans.

+1 for RubyMine

Like others have said, it really depends on personal preference. I’m coming from a .net environment, so and IDE is a bit more familiar for me. But I have also tried Komodo Edit, and TextMate, and have enjoyed using them both.


Rubymine is not free, I have to paid for it.

+1 RubyMine

So stick to Redcar then. The OP asked "which editor is good that i can
use", there's was no stipulation for FOSS (hence lots of people
recommending Textmate, even though the requirement was for Ubuntu

It is funny. The last time I followed a long thread about rails
editors, the enthusiasm seemed to be for emacs. So I installed it and
got used to it. It has some very good features, the first time I
installed it I had trouble setting up the packages I needed for rails/
haml etc. But recently when I reinstalled my system, I discovered the
package manager, which makes that very simple. The ability to have
several panes open and switch between them is really handy. Emacs
also offers support for some rails functions like migrations etc.

However, I do still struggle with remembering the key sequences.

The emphasis in this current thread seems to be towards Vim. I did
try that some time ago and never really got it set up to do
highlighting correctly, (I do use vi quite a bit for simple file
editing on my linux boxes). Mostly what I want from an editor is good
highlighting, fast response and good indenting support.

More recently, I saw Redcar mentioned and decided to give it a try.
It seems very promising. It handles highlighting well, but does lose
track quite easily. It was quite a large (although simple enough) gem
install process. It has a long start up time too, and does as
mentioned use a fair amount of resource. But as also mentioned, it is
very young, and hopefully it will continually improve. I am sticking
with it for the moment, but must say I am missing the emacs multi-pane
display. On the plus side, though the page/window presentation of
Redcar just seems cleaner.

It is a fascinating subject. I wonder what research has been done
about what is important in a development editor. To me the visual
presentation is actually quite important to help me stay focussed on
what I am doing and where I am working in the file system. It is
quite hard to actually put my finger on what makes me comfortable. I
always found Netbeans made me feel like I was 'doing' ruby on rails
development - it sort of created a context. But it is just too
overweight, and I was quite pleased to switch to emacs. Emacs can
also help to give a feel of context, but I found it took a bit of
effort to grasp it, and sometimes I have to stop thinking about what I
am developing to figure out a key sequence I need eg for search etc.
I suppose on reflection, for me, the most important criteria is, what
editor allows me to just focus fully on the code I am writing without
being distracted by the editor itself.


Don't read the thread @ Answer immediately


I've got Vim assemblage with config and plugins(and readme) for Rails
development here

LOL to the entire thread…

I love requests for editor recommendations… even though back in the Eder Time of USENET, they were usually trolling to start a flame war.

I’m firmly in the Vim camp of this holy war. I will say, GEdit has come a long way, and at work, where I use OS X, I made them buy me a TextMate license.

It’s nice to see a civil discussion of editors… it’s so rare that it happens.

That being said, I’ll contribute my favourite old jokes from the Editor Wars:

EMACS stands for:

Esc Meta Alt Ctrl Shift


Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping (this from the days when 8 megs was a LOT.)

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