When will Rails deployment be as easy as PHP


We are a group of new students on this Forum.

We are Learning Ruby and Rails as well.

The first thing that scared us was Rails Deployment.

Can any one answer us, when will rails deployment be as easy as PHP on

We can afford to buy only shared hosting space and do not want to go for
strange deployment procedures.

Few senior developers are forcing us to go with some rails deployment
tools, but we do not want to go that way, and would like to go with
standard deployment procedures

We have 2 small projects on www.heroku.com and are happy with it. But
now we nned to go for shared hosting.

Can few friends here guide us in the right direction.

Rahil and Friends

Doubtful that Rails deployment will become "as easy as php" overnight.
However, it really doesn't have to be so painful. Rails deployment is
actually not too bad but granted it could be easier. You may want to
check out "switchpipe":


That should help make rails deployment easier. Also there are several
shared hosting providers that offer rails support although admittedly
shared hosting for rails is not exactly going to be a viable long term