When was central code repository of Rail entirely moved to Github?

I find that the Rails repository on Github was created in Apr. 2008,
however, the first pull request was sent in Sep. 2010.

Does it mean that the Github repository was just a mirror and you did not use Github’s pull request feature before Sep. 2010?

Thank you!

No github was the location of all development from April 2008 ( see http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2008/4/11/rails-premieres-on-github/) they just didn't use pull requests. The first version of pull requests was pretty simple. I forget the details (I think in those days all you could do was do the merge or refuse it - no discussions etc) but it wasn't until they revamped pull requests (https://github.com/blog/712-pull-requests-2-0) that rails started using them


Thank you! Fred. Your response is really helpful.


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