When should I move to the new Ruby version (1.8.6) which is just released???


Noting that a new version or Ruby has been released, v1.8.6, as a Rails developer what is the normal upgrade timeframe? That is:

  • upgrade to Ruby now?
  • wait for Rails to be “certified” on Ruby v1.8.6?
  • wait for a new release of Rails that has been developed against Ruby v1.8.6?

Plus it seems on shared hosting platforms Rails is easy to update via the “freeze” approach, however I’m not sure if this same approach is possible with Ruby itself, and whether one would have to wait for the provided to update Ruby? ( e.g. Dreamhost?)

Regards Greg

If you're on trunk or the 1-2-stable branch, upgrade at your leisure; otherwise, wait for the Rails 1.2.3 release (real soon now.)

There's only one real incompatibility: Ruby 1.8.6 introduces a private Time#to_date method which alters the visibility of the existing, public Active Support method. So a third option is to monkeypatch:   class Time     public :to_date   end

Best, jeremy

As a fellow Dreamhoster, I can tell you it’s pretty easy to install your own Ruby.